Why should I choose concrete?

Cast concrete countertops have long been a favorite of designers and architects for their beauty and versatility. With concrete, your creation is limited only to the imagination. Unlike other stone products which come in slabs, concrete is poured into forms… forms which can take on just about any shape with any edge profile. And decorative concrete can be colored, stained, dyed or glazed to take on any color or combination of colors.

Does concrete stain?

Concrete in it’s natural, unsealed state is extremely porous and this very susceptible to staining. However we treat all of our concrete products with a durable penetrating sealer and a wax coating. Together these treatments protect the concrete from most everything. We do recommend that you immediately clean all spills especially anything acidic.

Is concrete heat resistant?

Concrete itself is impervious to heat. The sealers that protect the concrete however can be scorched therefore it is recommended to use trivets whenever placing anything hot on the surface of the top.

Does concrete crack?

We’ve spent years developing our concrete formulas to be the strongest available. Well-made tops like ours will not develop structural cracks. Hairline cracks that may occur in the finished product are a natural characteristic of concrete and do not affect the structural integrity of the piece (and these cracks are too small for trapping any food or debris). Slight surface imperfections, including hairline cracks, should be expected and are considered by many to enhance the hand made aesthetic of the product.

How heavy is concete?

A standard 1 1/2″ thick top is approximately 18.5 pounds per square foot, around the same weight as granite, and a typical cabinet will support the weight with no problem. Most building codes require a minimum design load for a floor of about 65lbs per square foot. As always you should check with your own local building codes and if there are any concerns about your floor supporting the weight you should consult a structural engineer.

How do I clean concete?

Take care to avoid abrasive soaps or cleansers. For daily cleaning we recommend a mild, non-ammonia soap. Simple green (dilute as suggested on the label) or Dr. Bronner’s natural soap (5 parts water, one part soap) or simply a neutral PH cleanser and warm water are good options. You should also avoid using abrasive pads. In short, cleaning your concrete countertop is no more difficult then cleaning any other type of top.